September 29, 2023

Are you a digital nomad? Are you rage farming at this time’s hellscape? Then congratulations, you deadass helped induct these new phrases into’s latest update

The COVID-19 pandemic made us extra acquainted with people lucky sufficient to telecommute whereas residing the digital nomad life on the street, and you have definitely seen folks rage farming (outlined as “the tactic of deliberately frightening political opponents”) within the problematic hellscape (“a spot or time that’s hopeless, insufferable, or irredeemable”) that’s on-line discourse at this time. 

And as for deadass… it is a versatile time period that may imply “significantly, fully, genuinely, sincerely, or actually; in actual fact.”

These are simply 4 of the 313 new phrases, 130 new definitions and 1,140 revised definitions added to’s on-line repository of language in its new revision. 

“Language is, as all the time, always altering,” said John Kelly, senior director of editorial at, in a press release. “Our crew of lexicographers is documenting and contextualizing that unstoppable swirl of the English language — not solely to assist us higher perceive our altering instances, however how the instances we stay in change, in flip, our language.”

Different additions embrace trauma dumping, petfluencer, antifragile and forever chemicals, the latter referring to the pervasive drawback of PFAS within the surroundings. 

The pandemic has additionally helped usher in new health-related phrases like superdodger, that means “anybody who, for unverified causes, stays uninfected or asymptomatic even after repeated publicity to a contagious virus.”

The dictionary’s newest version additionally sees the addition or revision of plenty of phrases associated to gaming and, for some motive, bread. Paratha, anybody?

No person ever mentioned our language needed to be gluten-free, and I deadass assume each our discourse and our pizza are higher for it.