September 28, 2023

Over a decade in the past, a biking accident left Gert-Jan Oskam paralysed after inflicting him a spinal wire damage. Now, he’s in a position to stand and stroll once more due to an modern brain-spine interface (BSI) developed by a group of Swiss neuroscientists.

To stroll, the mind should ship a command to the area of the spinal wire that’s accountable for motion management. However a spinal wire damage interrupts this communication.

“Our concept was to reestablish this communication with a “digital bridge”, an electrical communication between the mind and the area of the spinal wire that’s nonetheless intact,” said Professor Grégoire Courtine, one of many challenge’s lead neuroscientists.

To try this, the group created a wi-fi interface between the mind and the backbone utilizing brain-computer interface (BCI) expertise that transforms thought into motion. Consequently, Oksam can now stand, stroll, and climb stairs naturally simply by desirous about it.

brain-spine digital bridge for paralysis