September 24, 2023

WiFi Already Makes use of It, However Will It Share?

When you have been to a big occasion not too long ago, you had been in all probability reminded what occurs when a considerable amount of wi-fi units congregate in a single space.   The frequency bands get overwhelmed and your web connection turns into spotty, at greatest.  To resolve this varied bandwidths have been opened up to be used, attempting to unfold the visitors throughout the spectrum.  The perfect apply has been to separate WiFi visitors and cellphone visitors by assigning them totally different components of the spectrum, however that would change.

Ofcom are proposing ways in which the higher 6GHz band could possibly be utilized by WiFi and cell indicators concurrently.  One idea is to design a MAC database which specifies where and when access is allowed by devices; WiFi on the 6GHz band for brief vary WAPs for set up inside and cell indicators if you find yourself exterior.  In addition they suggest enhancing channel sensing on WiFi units to assist keep away from collisions and maybe introducing the identical capacity to cellphones.

The FCC have already opened up your entire higher 6GHz band for low-power Wi-Fi for indoor use, so long as the machine has an automatic frequency coordination system to forestall collisions with different tools.  There are numerous legacy units which use the identical band, and they’ll positively not be sensible sufficient to sense visitors.  

It’s a problem, and one which must be solved now in order that new units can have someplace to transmit over, as a substitute of attempting to squeeze into already crowded frequencies.